What to do in winter at Malga Lessinia

During the winter, Lessinia is covered in snow and turns into a beautiful landscape, perfect for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Malga Lessinia can only be reached on foot with just over half an hour’s walk, within everyone’s reach!

In the wintertime, the Lessinia plateau is covered in snow and the provincial road 14, which connects the various mountain villages, is transformed into the cross-country skiing track known as Translessinia.

The paths connecting malghe and refuges are trodden every day by numerous walkers and snowshoers who immerse themselves in the pristine snow-covered landscape.

Malga Lessinia, due to its privileged position on the Translessinia route, therefore becomes a popular refreshment point for skiers and snowshoers.

For lovers of cross-country skiing, the tracks of the Alta Lessinia district, which include the ‘Translessinia’ track, provide ideal terrain for all hiking and competitive requirements, while at the same time offering breathtaking views of the Alpine panorama.

The touring tracks, on which it is possible to practice both classic and skating techniques, have different starting points: Malga S. Giorgio and Bocca di Selva on the Bosco Chiesanuova side and Malga Lessinia on the Erbezzo side.
All of the tracks are constantly tracked with modern means that ensure perfect tracks in all snowpack conditions.

Another very popular activity in Lessinia is snowshoeing, which allows those who practice it maximum freedom to explore the area.

In fact, in addition to using the beaten tracks that connect refuges and malghe (shepherd’s huts) of Alta Lessinia, snowshoes can be used to penetrate bumps and immaculate valleys, amidst evocative and enchanting winter landscapes, in a new, easy and fun way of experiencing the mountains, allowing hikers to enjoy the tranquillity and harmony of the woods under the snow, the muffled silence of the mountains in their winter guise, following the tracks of deer, chamois or hares, spending a day completely immersed in nature.