The Malga and its history

The building at Malga Lessinia was built in 1915 to house the troops of financiers operating along the Austro-Hungarian border of the Great War, which was only a few hundred metres away.

The First World War left numerous signs that are still visible in the upper Lessinia. The most evident are the dozens of kilometres of roads that now climb the high pastures, built in the first months of the conflict to facilitate the deployment on the Lessinia front of the armed forces under the orders of General Cantore.

Another extraordinary sign is the defensive redoubt of Malga Pidocchio, military trenches built among the karst tunnels, brought to light in 2014, thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Flavio Melotti, and which can be visited a few steps away.

In 1945, the military building was converted into an alpine pasture hut, and in the early 2000s we started operations as an alpine hut. In the summer months we welcome thousands of hikers and tourists who come up to Lessinia to admire its views, take leisurely walks and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

In winter, on the other hand, we can only be reached on foot and become the destination of many snowshoe hikes. Malga Lessinia always awaits you with the same warm, friendly and genuine welcome!

What to do at Malga Lessinia?